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Ideal Engineering

Ideal Engineering
is an Australian engineering professional services company. We specialise in addressing the challenges brought on by the demands of engineering and project management skills. By teaming up with our clients, we undertake a diverse range of projects world wide. Our experience includes the Energy & Power, Mining & Resources, Oil & Gas, Metal, Rail and Defence Industries.

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Understanding your needs

Ideal Engineering specialises in developing forward-looking technological solutions with highly qualified engineers. Our engineers design systems that will easily integrate with your processes, helping you achieve maximum efficiency at a low cost. Our designs are based on your technical specifications and requirements.


Professional engineering solutions

Working with Ideal Engineering provides you with personal and direct service. We pride ourselves on excellent communication, consistent & highly professional engineering team support.

Working with us provides you access to a professional and consistent team. No messy handovers.At the completion of each project, we ensure that all project & design details are filed with us for future use.

Ideal Engineering is the right solution for all your needs. We are highly experienced and professional. We aim to suit our client’s needs. Our engineers & designers & drafters can also work at your facility, if need be, under your guidance and with our company support.
High level CAD & CAE & FEA & PDM capabilities

We offer high level industry expeirence working with a range of engineering software. For example;

- Pro Engineer, Inventor, Solid Works, ProSteel, AutoCAD
- Ansys, Strand7, Flac
- Enterprise PDM, Vault, Windchill
Our fields of expertise

Mining & Resources
Raw material homegenisation units

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Design & Analyse
3D Modelling
Pneumatic and hydraulic systems
Structural and stress analysis
Engineering calculations
Finite element analysis for Civil &Geotechnical

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Energy & Power
Flue Gas Desulfurization (DeSOx) systems
NOx removal (DENOx) systems
Oil and water tanks
Pipe lines

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Surface preparation equipment
Materials handling equipment
Rail equipment
Raw materials
Scrap metals

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